If you run a business on an online platform or in-store, you will need to ship items to your customers. In this essence, you must be at par with the current rates of a carrier. Nevertheless, most business owners rely on guesswork in determining the shipping fee to charge their clients.  If you follow the same approach, you are digging a grave both for your business and customers. When your customer finds an option with affordable shipping charges, they will shift to it. On the other hand, when your rate guess is below the actual charges, you will have to cut your profit to cater for the extra coins. So, how can you improve your B2C shipment? Here are 3 ways:

Offer free shipping

Offering a free shipping service can be your competitive advantage. Particularly, when you and your competitors offer same quality and price, going the free shipping way can give you a par ahead of your competitors.  Remember, even when you have a centralized warehouse, your customers do not have an opportunity to do their shopping and go home with their items immediately on the online platform. In this essence, you can turn to free shipping. However, you should set the limits for one to enjoy this service. For instance, it would be unthinkable to offer free shipping for someone who spends only $10 while the shipping cost will be 13 dollars. Thus, you should ensure that what you are shipping for free is worth it

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Turn to a postage meter

  If you are sending parcels, it is advisable to opt for the postage meters. The meter allows you to determine the accurate weight of your parcels and the rate a carrier is charging. With this information, you can move on to approaching a carrier or use your multi-carrier shipping solution to compare different shipping rates.  Also, you can opt to use the postal services which will save you the cost of ferrying the items to a carrier. As such stop guesswork and turn to the postage meter.

Provide the tracking information to your customers

Tracking is a crucial function in the shipment process. You need to know the progress of your deliveries at each moment.  However, it is essential to keep your customers updated on whereabouts of the items you are shipping to them. Hence, you need to send tracking information to the customers with details of when you initiated the process, batch number, and the expected delivery date.

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