Here Are Three Ways of Enhancing B2C Shipment


If you run a business on an online platform or in-store, you will need to ship items to your customers. In this essence, you must be at par with the current rates of a carrier. Nevertheless, most business owners rely on guesswork in determining the shipping fee to charge their clients.  If you follow the same approach, you are digging a grave both for your business and customers. When your customer finds an option with affordable shipping charges, they will shift to it. On the other hand, when your rate guess is below the actual charges, you will have to cut [...]

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3 Reasons Why Flat Shipping Is a Bad Idea


Managing your online shipping is a challenge for many organizations. Mainly, making the right decision on the right shipping model to adopt is a headache affair for many dispatch managers.  While your products may be in high demand and attracting high volume sales, the inability to manage your shipping costs will reduce your profitability or even lead to a loss in your business.  Essentially, the situation is critical for webpreneurs who have to fulfill each order by shipping.  Like other online retailers, you may opt to use flat shipping as your solution. But is this a wise idea? Even though the [...]

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Here Are 3 Shipping Errors That You Should Avoid As a Startup or Small Business Owner


No business is perfect. Whether you are a professional business consultant or using the most recent automation in your online store, you cannot avoid errors.  Like other operational activities, shipment is not an exclusion. Both startups and small businesses make errors when it comes to online shipping management.  Notably, given that most small businesses focus their energy on growing sales, shipping is not one of their priorities. Due to this, an opportunity for errors opens up.  Important to note is that shipping is the last step in the selling process. Mastering it holds the potential of putting a smile on your [...]

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