No business is perfect. Whether you are a professional business consultant or using the most recent automation in your online store, you cannot avoid errors.  Like other operational activities, shipment is not an exclusion. Both startups and small businesses make errors when it comes to online shipping management.  Notably, given that most small businesses focus their energy on growing sales, shipping is not one of their priorities. Due to this, an opportunity for errors opens up.  Important to note is that shipping is the last step in the selling process. Mastering it holds the potential of putting a smile on your customers and enhancing their satisfaction. For you to achieve this here are 3 killer shipping errors you should avoid:

a. Setting the shipment rates through guesswork

Are you one of them? Guesswork is a common practice in human life.  When you were a student, you applied the approach to choose answers for a question you didn’t have information on their topic. Due to the use practice, people continue using the approach on their day to day activities. As most small business owners lack enough cash for subscribing to shipping software, they opt for guess-estimating in rate determination.  You should avoid this approach if you want to save on your cost. Instead, you need to conduct online research on the best rate or use software that will give you a chance to view multi-carrier shipping rates.

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b.Making hard for the customers to return what they buy from your store

Another mistake webpreneurs make is avoiding returns from customers by providing a complex return process. While this can be a good idea, it is destructive in the long run. By denying customers a chance to return what they bought but did not meet their requirement diminishes their loyalty to your business. As a new business, you need to build a strong customer base to thrive in the online competitive business arena. Hence, you should ensure that the return policy is simple and easy for your customers.  Allow them to return what does not meet their interests.

c. Not considering multi-carrier shipping

Following a routine and sticking on a single carrier is a natural aspect of humans. People do not easily accept change. However, when running an online business, being cost-effective is one of the pillars earning high profits. In this essence, you should consider multi-carrier shipping instead of sticking on a single one. By this, you will enjoy flexible rates and save on cost.